Video Production & Editing

Expertise in creating compelling visual content for corporations, schools, nonprofits, and news organizations. Clients include:

  • Research & strategy: Identify client/project goals, and use consumer insights to blaze creative path.
  • Creative & concept: Develop pitches and scripts to meet project goals and client mission.
  • Video editing: Produce rough and final cuts of docu-style videos & scripted content.


True multimedia producer with a keen understanding of matching the message to the right medium. Projects include apps, sites, videos and online campaigns.

  • Integrated production: Blend digital content and physical experiences for educational, corporate and experiential projects.
  • Multimedia production: From topical, bite-sized content for social media to full, on-location or studio video productions.
  • Team management: From small projects requiring micro teams to large campaigns requiring many roles and people to fill them.

Reporting & Communications

A fluid command of new media and traditional and emerging storytelling techniques. With expertise in writing on science, technology and the arts, background also includes general assignment reporting.

  • Deadline-driven reporting: Meets tough, down-to-the-wire deadlines with engaging, informative, accurate reports.
  • Feature reporting - Coverage includes art, culture and entertainment.
  • Hundreds of interviews clocked: Including sustainability directors, police officers, fishermen, community organizers, execs & entrepreneurs plus public figures like NY Nick/U.S. Sen. Bill Bradley, musicians Pop Staples, Suzanne Vega and Public Enemy's Chuck D, and Ben Cohen & Jerry Greenfield of ice cream fame.

Teaching & Speaking

Author, teacher and speaker with experience teaching and coaching students in large lecture settings as well as smaller-group mentoring sessions.

  • Film - With both a passion & flair for storytelling the author of The Brothers Grim: The Films of Ethan and Joel Coen provides a guided path through the twisted worlds of the Coen bros.
  • Digital Media Production - Teaching the basics of and emerging trends such as project analyses & target audiences, storytelling & scripting, video producing, and web & mobile app development.
  • Science communications - Sharing a decade plus of experience communicating science to the public.